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Gathering data for the bio-sensory device

Welcome to the Rebooting Computing Wiki

This wiki is a resource for Rebooting Computing, Southend Education Trust’s new digital programme in partnership with the Digital Exploration Centre and Goldsmiths College, University of London. At present, it is being developed to include a range of resources based on the Arduino Hack Day held at Chalkwell Hall on 12th July.

The focus of teaching Computing in schools is changing and we hope for the better. In January 2012, in response to a wide ranging debate relating to the current state of ICT in UK schools, the education secretary Michael Gove announced that the ICT curriculum, which he described as "demotivating and dull", would be replaced by a "flexible curriculum in computer science and programming", the content of which would be announced in the near future.

This is an exciting time for Computing in schools, but also an immediate challenge. We want Southend schools to lead the way in Computing, making the most of the opportunities to work together, and to open up the possibilities for them to collaborate with a wide range of organisations from across the ‘digital sectors’. Southend-on-Sea has great strength and diversity in the digital and creative sectors, being home to many creative businesses, digital artists and practitioners. Schools should be able to tap into this for support and inspiration.



Getting Started with Arduino

Resources and links


The Rebooting Computing Hack Day was funded by Southend Education Trust and produced through a collaboration between the Digital Exploration Centre, Yoha, Goldsmiths, Centre for Cultural Studies and the Open Systems Association.

For more info about this wiki or the activities on the day, please contact info [at]

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